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"I'll always be in love with you. You're the love of my life." -Owen
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Anonymous: So I used to like this guy. But he never liked me back, so my friend said I should just be happily single. But I'm not happy. I want a boyfriend. And I do have a little bit of feelings for another guy now. I haven't told anyone about my feelings for this other guy. He used to go to my school, but he switched. And last night we had a deep conversation about my personal issues. And he was there to comfort me. What should I do?! Btw love your account :)

First off, thanks so much babe! It means a lot <3 You’re the best. Second, I wouldn’t jump straight into telling anyone about your feelings for them so soon into this new friendship; you should wait and see how your feelings develop (if they develop at all). Wait a few more weeks and continue talking to this other guy so that you have a clear view on where things are going to go. I understand that you want to have a boyfriend because much like me, you love all the lovey dovey stuff that comes with relationships. However, it’s better to take your time when it comes to these things and never say that you’ll be alone forever. Don’t even think that. You’re young, ya know? You’ve got a full life of boys ahead of you.

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This is your warning.

If you love her, then tell her.

If you love him, then tell him.

If you want them, then get them.

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